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3D Metal Printing

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Update: We no longer offer 3D metal printing, but we do now offer
aluminum casting services.

We are offering an exciting new prototyping technology called 3D Metal Printing through one of our qualified partners.

3D Metal Prototype
Complex shapes:
   - Curves, undercuts, spirals, angled internal features
Internal cooling channels (useful for injection molds)
Jigs, Fixtures
Artistic models

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How it Works:
The prototyping system spreads out thin layers of metal powder and fuses together the appropriate sections of each layer over and over until a 3-D model is generated. The powder model is then cured in an oven to become a strong, solid metal object.

Min/Max Dimensions:
29 x 15 x 15 inches maximum
0.08 inches (2 mm) minimum wall thickness
0.01 inches (0.25 mm) thin features (such as raised text)
Dimensional Tolerance: 0.005" (0.13 mm) for medium size parts

Cost: $35-55 per cubic inch of material used* ($2.10-3.30 per cc)
Polishing: Add $5 per part
Minimum: $150
* Tip: Save money by designing your bigger models as hollow shells (0.1-inch walls) with a 0.2-inch drain hole on the bottom.

Lead Time:
2-3 weeks (4-5 weeks around Christmas time)

Material Properties:
Material: Stainless Steel (420) and Bronze Alloy
Ultimate Tensile Strength: 99 KSI (682 MPa)
Yield: 66 KSI (455 MPa)
Modulus: 21.4 MPSI (147 GPa)
Elongation: 2.30%
Hardness: 20-25 HRc
Density: 90-95%
Features: It is magnetic; it is weldable

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Polished 3D Metal Printing
A Polished Model



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