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Metal Casting Services

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Get strong, functional metal parts made for $50-100 each*!

We now offer aluminum casting services! We may add more metals in the future too.

- Much stronger than 3D-printed plastic parts
- Suitable for functional parts
- Handles much higher heat (300 °F or more; melts at 1,035 °F)
- Costs about the same as printed parts
- Corrosion resistant

- Similar to PolyJet plastic prices!
- Price => Cost of PolyJet Patterns + $50-100 per Cast Part

Aluminum Castings
Typical Applications:
- Housings
- Tools
- Small Wheels
- Propellors

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Min/Max Dimensions:
- 10 x 6 x 4 inches maximum
- 0.10 inches (2.5 mm) minimum wall thickness
- 0.05 inches (1.3 mm) thin features (such as raised text)

Lead Time:
3-7 business days (depends on the number of parts)

Material Properties:
- Aluminum A356 (the most common casting alloy for aluminum)
- Density: 0.097 lb/cu in
- Ultimate Tensile Strength: 27 ksi
- Tensile Yield Strength: 13 ksi
- Elongation at Break: 8%

Surface Finish:
Sand casts have a grainy surface texture, just like most engine blocks do.
Plaster casts can show fine details like a fingerprint if done properly.

Sand Casting vs. Plaster Casting:
We can cast your parts using either a sand mold or a plaster mold. Sand casting is faster and cheaper but the surface is rougher, and complex parts are difficult to cast. Plaster casts cost more and take longer because more labor & materials are involved; however, complex parts and nice surfaces are possible. We will help you decide, based on your goals.

Finishing Options:
We plan to offer anodizing and powder coating options in the future.

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